is the latest venture by one of South Africa’s oldest and most well established travel companies, Embassy Travel. Answering the need of clients to book their holidays online, Embassy Travel has launched to complement our existing retail travel agency.

Embassy Travel was the original brain child of industry legend Barney Singer (90). Chairman of the Singer Group, Barney is a former President of ASATA and former Vice President of UFTAA. In 1979, he founded SARTAC which later changed its name to Sure Travel, and was a founding member of the XL Travel Group in 2004. This family-owned, and managed, group of companies has grown steadily from a single travel agency to comprise a variety of companies in the tourism, hospitality, hotel and property sectors.

As a leading travel management company, Embassy offers an all-encompassing, full service, travel solution to our clients through the ease and convenience of a ‘one stop travel shop’. Our business is built on three pillars – experience, expertise and efficiency – a foundation that has allowed our business to grow and flourish for over 50 years.

Embassy Travel is a proud and founding member of the XL Travel Group. The XL Travel Group is modern, innovative and influential consortium of over 120 travel agencies that are driven by entrepreneurial flair, extensive experience and the highest levels of service delivery. Embassy Travel also has strong international representation through XL Travel’s affiliation with the global Radius Travel Group.

In summary, clients can travel with confidence knowing that we offer 24/7 support, in over 70 countries globally, international buying power and access to the latest high tech travel technology.