Group holidays are one of the best ways to spend time with your loved ones and share some exceptional memories. Chalets can accommodate anything from 6 – 20 or more people, which makes them ideal for this exact purpose.

Ski chalet lounge viewFood and Housekeeping

One of the biggest headaches of organising a group holiday is working out the amount of food and drinks you’ll need, not to mention all the cooking and cleaning that will need to take place. Catered chalets offer real value of money and save a lot of effort in this regard – both of which are welcome features in any ski holiday.

Typical chalet offerings include breakfast, afternoon tea with freshly baked goodies and a three-course dinner with drinks. This means you don’t have to be concerned with the bulk of your eating and drinking expenses as most of these are included in your stay, and you will further benefit from having someone who prepares your meals as part of the package. Moreover, housekeeping will ensure that your chalet stays in the same mint condition it was when you first arrived.

Private or Shared – You Choose

It’s also good to note that you can either book an entire chalet just for your group (in other words, have one to yourselves), or you can opt to book one or more rooms in a larger chalet that gets shared with other groups. So, if you feel like being sociable and want to stay somewhere you can meet fellow holiday-goers, you will be able to do so. Either way, catered chalets allow for some real quality time to be spent with your loved ones in living and dining areas, while affording you a private space to retreat to when it’s time to rest.

Ski chalet with fireplaceOther Benefits for Groups and Families

Chalets are also a great choice for groups because you won’t be as ‘aware’ of your neighbours as you may be at other types of accommodation. This makes it ideal for families, couples or a bunch of friends who want to have a sense of independence and the experience of having their own abode in the snow.

Families will further be pleased with additional services such as nannies to take care of the younger members of the family. Meal times can be adjusted for children and the same goes for menus – if there is something a member of your group doesn’t eat or is allergic to, the chalet chef will plan meals around this fact.

Essentially, a catered chalet is a cosy house with all the amenities you need. Apart from the standard features mentioned above, they could also include saunas, Jacuzzis or even cinemas – to name but a few. Although skiing already offers an incredible break from it all in itself, it’s clear that catered chalets take winter holidays to an entirely new level of luxury and convenience.

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