There are some essentials that your ski holiday quite simply cannot be without. From taking care of your children to requirements for getting onto the slopes, we’ve elaborated on all the necessary extras so that you can make the most out of your time on the snow.

Childcare skiing

Childcare and Creche

Luckily for parents, children of all ages can join in on the skiing holiday as resorts offer childcare or crèche services with a wide range of facilities tailored to the care and enjoyment of young ones. Read More

Enclosed ski lift

Lift Passes

What are ski lift passes? A lift pass is basically what you need to gain access to the slopes on your skiing holiday. They usually operate electronically and are simply placed in your jacket pocket. The pass then gets scanned as you start ascending to the pistes through the lift. You can purchase lift passes… Read More

Skis in the snow

Ski Hire

Hiring ski equipment is ideal for inexperienced skiers. It’s also wise for those who don’t ski very often to hire rather than purchase. Moreover, this option offers much convenience as you don’t have to worry about transporting or dragging large and oddly shaped items along as you travel from one destination to another. Where to… Read More

weird ski jump

Ski Insurance

Much of what makes skiing so exhilarating and rewarding is the fact that it’s relatively risky. The idea of being involved in an unfortunate incident on the slopes might not be a pleasant one, but it is something that can happen. It goes without saying, therefore, that ski insurance isn’t something you should skimp on,… Read More

Helicopter resort transfer

Ski Resort Transfers

Another ski holiday essential is getting from the airport to the resort and vice versa. This can be a relatively painless process, especially if you book a holiday package that already includes resort transfers. Either way, there are few things as convenient as hopping off the plane, right into a vehicle that takes you to… Read More

Individual skiing instruction

Ski Schools

Whether you have just started skiing or want to brush up on your skills, ski schools will help you to master the slopes so that you can enjoy them to the full. The lessons will be offered at the resort you’re staying at and these are even included in some ski holiday packages. Who needs… Read More