With the wide variety of ski holidays and packages available, it can be difficult to decide which one to go for. For your convenience, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular types of ski holidays – whether you’re traveling with friends and family, or simply want to go somewhere that’s on par with your level of skiing. We even have some destinations that are great for those who don’t ski at all.

With this selection of ski holiday types, you are bound to find one to suit your unique requirements. Explore these options in more depth and find the perfect one for you.

jump powder snow

Advanced Skiers

Our range of packages also includes ones for those who have become fearless in facing terrains of great difficulty. Read More

Champagne in St Moritz

All-inclusive Ski Holidays

These are comprehensive packages with numerous extras at a single price. They can include all your basic package essentials along with anything from crèche facilities to meals and ski passes. Read More

Family sledding

Family Ski Holidays

There is finally a solution to finding a family holiday that will keep everyone happy. A perfect combination of activities for keeping kids busy and scoring some quality time in-between, a ski holiday might just be the perfect getaway for you. Read More

Kids learning to ski

For Beginners

Find a resort that’s suited to your skill set as a beginner, whether this is your very first trip or whether you’ve only been a couple of times and want to up your game a notch. Read More

Family on intermediate

Intermediate Skiers

As an intermediate skier, you’re lucky enough to have mastered the basics and should already have some confidence in your abilities. You’ve acquired a great level of skills since that first time you put on a pair of skis and a number of more challenging slopes are now within your reach. There are a numerous… Read More



Whether you sleep with your skis on or are an avid shopper who’d like to do some unforgettable sight-seeing, don’t forget that it’s possible to find a ski resort that favours all. Read More

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